Global Destinations for the Palestinian Tourist

Ask a Palestinian where the best place in the world to visit is, and you’ll probably be able to guess the answer: Palestine. But even us Palestinians need to get out once in a while, and the members of the PSTTA have come up with a list of their favorite places to visit; some near, some far, but all well worth the journey!

Syria PDF Print E-mail
syria2Once considered the backwater of Middle East tourism, Syria has become a trend-setting destination for Arabs and Westerners alike.

An improved political climate since 2009 has helped breathe life into the national tourism industry, with an astounding 50% growth in tourism in 2010 and a much-needed building initiative of new and renovated hotels in such cities as Damascus and Aleppo.
Jordan PDF Print E-mail
jordanIt’s no secret that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is heating up the competition for being the most desirable vacation destination in the Arab world. Less crowded than Egypt and without the instability of Lebanon, Jordan offers spectacular deserts, a mix of Levantine Arab and Bedouin culture, historical landmarks and unspoiled beaches.
Cyprus PDF Print E-mail
cyprus_paphos_templeaphrodiThere’s no denying it; Cyprus is the ideal Mediterranean locale for the Palestinian seeking to experience the most and travel the least.  From a warm sultry coastline that gives way to the refreshing crispness of the interior mountains to a range of modern cities and pristine villages, Cyprus packs the best of Europe and the Mediterranean all in one setting.
Dubai of the UAE PDF Print E-mail
dubai-palmWhile being only one of seven emirates of the UAE, Dubai can easily be described as a nation, if not a world, unto itself. The unchallenged premier tourist destination of the Gulf region, Dubai has come a long way from its humble origins as a coastal port city on the Persian Gulf.
San Francisco, USA PDF Print E-mail
sanfrancisco3From its origins as a monastic outpost of Franciscan monks to the 12th largest city in the United States, San Francisco has never lost its title as one of America’s most alluring cities.  Its year-round temperate climate, dynamic cultural scene and European-style urban layout have attracted some of the world’s most intriguing innovators, artists and architects.
Malaysia PDF Print E-mail
MalaysiaCradled on the South China Sea, Malaysia has long been a tropical crossroads between Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Persian and European people drawn to its ample natural resources and stunning beauty. Now a regional powerhouse of Southeast Asia, Malaysia has experienced precipitous growth in part by capitalizing on its tremendous potential in the tourism industry.
India PDF Print E-mail
indiaAt the end of Alexander the Great’s global conquest stood India; the subcontinent of mystique and an endless global treasury of geographic wonders and ancient cultures. With over one billion people, more than twenty recognized national languages and two hundred religious, ethnic and tribal identities, no other nation in the world can boast as large and diversified of a land as India can. Needless to say, the traveler to India will be faced with an endless list of experiences to chose from.
Estonia PDF Print E-mail
EstoniaFor the definitive mix of traditional European culture, the natural beauty of the Baltics, and affordable travel, Estonia is a choice destination. Generations of enforced isolation under the Soviet Union have led to this innovative nation making up for lost time without losing its uniqueness of the region.
Sri Lanka PDF Print E-mail
SriLankaAs more Palestinians turn to the East for their holiday planning, the golden lion of Sri Lanka has attracted more and more attention for those seeking the ultimate combination of tropical Pacific weather, enriching culture, and endless natural beauty, giving good reason as to why it is so often referred to as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.


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