Exploring Palestine
Exploring Palestine as Palestinians Do

In Palestine, the question is never what to do, but where to start. The members of the PSTTA have put together this sample of our favorite locales in Palestine to visit, and also offer some hints of what to do once you get there. Don’t worry – this isn’t it…there’s plenty more to come.

Jerusalem PDF Print E-mail
jerusalem2The Holy City of Jerusalem cannot be explained, but only experienced. Sacred to all the Abrahamic faiths, Jerusalem is a city of the past, present and future.
Ramallah PDF Print E-mail

ramallahOnce a small farming village to the north of Jerusalem, Ramallah has now become a leading cultural center of the Palestinian Territories.


Nablus PDF Print E-mail
nablusThe Byzantine origins of this Palestinian city can be found in the original Greek name of the city, Flavia Neapolis, meaning new city of Flavius, a Roman Emperor from the first century.
Jericho PDF Print E-mail
Jericho10,000 known years of civilization may have left its mark on Jericho, but it certainly hasn’t worn off the charm off of this Palestinian West Bank city, which also bears the title of the world’s lowest point of elevation.
Hebron PDF Print E-mail

hebronBest known as the land of Abraham, Hebron remains a center for Islamic faith in the Holy Land and an economic powerhouse for Palestine.

Bethlehem PDF Print E-mail
BethlehemFrom its humble origins as a watering stop south of Jerusalem in the time of King Herod, Bethlehem found its importance to the world as the birthplace of Jesus, Prince of Peace, over two thousand years ago.
Gaza PDF Print E-mail
gazaWith three and a half millennium of history, Gaza can lay claim to being one of the world’s most continuously inhabited port cities in the world, and the inheritor of a richly diverse heritage. Ancient Egyptian records refer to “Azzati” as being a prosperous sea port and caravan stop, one that could mint its own coins and surpassed all other cities in historic Palestine in importance.
Jenin PDF Print E-mail
burqeenThe West Bank’s northernmost governorate, Jenin is a strong candidate for deserving the title of "Palestine’s Best-Kept Secret." The long history of the region is evident in numerous Canaanite archeological findings and biblical sites.
Salfit, Qalqilya and Tulkarem PDF Print E-mail
Marg_Bin_AmerThe agricultural heart of the Palestinian Territories, Salfit, Qalqilya and Tulkarem are best known for their temperate climate, excellent fruits and green fields. Looking for a way to break the cold of winter, or want to enjoy a more traditional pace of life for a day? These three governorates offer more than meets the eye!
Exploring Palestinian Cuisine PDF Print E-mail

oliveNo tour of Palestine would be complete with a focus on Palestinian cuisine. Once simply regarded as “Arabic food,” the Palestinian Diaspora across the West has brought our national palate to the forefront of cutting-edge cuisine.




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