10,000 known years of civilization may have left its mark on Jericho, but it certainly hasn’t worn off the charm off of this Palestinian West Bank city, which also bears the title of the world’s lowest point of elevation. Jericho may best be known to the Western world for its Biblical importance in both the Old and New Testament, but Palestinians have long considered Ariha, (meaning fragrance) as the ideal weekend getaway.

Located less than a hour from Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Ramallah, Jericho offers both history and recreation to the Palestinian visitor.

The splendor of the Hisham Palace, the winter home of the caliphates under the Ummayid Dynasty, offers a glimpse into the splendor of ages past. Religious pilgrims can visit the Greek Orthodox monastery of the Mount of Temptation, the tree of Zaccheus, or the purported tomb of Moses at Nabi Musa.

Taking a ride on the Jericho Cable Car offers a breathtaking view, as will a hike through the rugged terrain or a dip in the Dead Sea.

The Intercontinental and the Jericho Resort are two popular choices for an overnight stay, enabling both internationals and local guests alike to relax after an enjoyable day in this anciently agreeable crossroads of the Arab world.

Jericho Checklist

  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Take the Jericho Cable Car
  • Visit the Jericho Museum
  • Rent a bicycle to peddle around
  • Visit the Hisham Palace
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