For the definitive mix of traditional European culture, the natural beauty of the Baltics, and affordable travel, Estonia is a choice destination. Generations of enforced isolation under the Soviet Union have led to this innovative nation making up for lost time without losing its uniqueness of the region.
With its capital Tallinn holding the title as the European Capital of Culture for 2011, Estonians are busy highlighting its music scene, competitive shopping center and cultural landmarks, such as its immaculately-kept Medieval Old City.

For the nature-minded, visitors can enjoy the pine forests that cover half of this country, do some of the best bird-watching on the continent, or plan a special winter getaway to experience a land frosted in ice and snow. Estonia’s unique mix of Nordic, Baltic and Slavic heritage also make for insightful cultural tourism, including taking part in the refreshing sauna culture of this well-kept secret of the north.

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