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Friday, 06 May 2011 16:14
Dangerous goods are articles and substances which may be a risk to health, safety and/or property when transported by air. Dangerous goods may be divided in two categories:
• Dangerous goods that may not be carried as cabin or checked baggage
• Dangerous goods that may be carried under certain conditions items that may not be carried as cabin or checked baggage

Not to be included in the baggage:
Items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, such as those specified in the ICAO or IATA dangerous goods regulations. Especially the following items cannot be accepted:

• Briefcases and security type attache-cases with installed alarm devises; or incorporative lithium batteries and or pyrotechnic material
• Explosive munitions, fireworks and flares
• Gases, such as camping gas and aerosols
• Flammable liquids, such as lighter fuels, paints and thinners
• Flammable solids, such as matches and articles which are easily ignited, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, substances which on contact with water emit flammable gases
• Oxidizing substances
• Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances
• Radioactive materials
• Corrosives (thermometers; acids; alkalis and wet cell batteries)
• Magnetized materials and miscellaneous dangerous goods as listed in the "IATA dangerous goods regulations"
• Wet cell or spillable batteries, also not acceptable for interlining as checked baggage. Dry cell or non spillable batteries can be interlined on all star partners except AC, NZ.

Items that may be carried under certain conditions

• Medicinal or toilet articles (not more than 2 kg)
• Alcoholic beverage, perfumes (not more than 5 litres)
• Radio isotopic cardiac pacemakers or other devices, including those powered by lithium batteries, implanted into a person, or radio- pharmaceuticals contained within the body of a person as the result of medical treatment
• Personal smoking materials


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