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Landing fees are charges incurred by an airline to an airport company for landing at their airport. Landing fees can vary greatly between airports and in different countries; at congested airports where landing slots are held by airlines prices tend to be high, while less congested airports charge less because the demand is much lower. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration often gives subsidies to smaller airports or those with less traffic to help cover landing feeds. Some airports choose to include other services such as use of terminal facilities (check-in and gates) in the landing fee, while other airports charge comparatively low fees but charge airlines for the use of their check-in counters and gates accordingly. Generally, it can be said that each airport has its own policy, charging system and services included in landing fees.

However, landing fees are generally based on factors such as the weight load of the aircraft, its capacity, its date and time of service and whether the aircraft is considered a home base at the airport. As a passenger, these costs are included into your ticket purchase and generally are not negotiable items.


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